Philosophy and Mission

Our Missionhannah heart

Little Red Schoolhouse is a child-centered learning environment for children in their early years of development. Knowing these years are the most crucial time in the emotional, social, and cognitive development of a child, we seek to provide a nurturing, supportive environment in which the child will thrive in each of these areas. We wish to extend to our students our desire for them to reach their highest potential, and instill in them a love of learning.





Our program is highly structured and stimulating, and offers an integrated curriculum that ties all subject areas together through a hands-on approach. We believe that children learn by doing; a child-centered, yet teacher-directed environment is most appropriate for an effective early childhood program. Our staff possesses the best skills to offer a warm, supportive, and exciting environment with a very small student/teacher ratio, allowing more one-on-one attention. Focusing on one child at a time allows teachers to examine both their strengths and areas of need in order to “customize” an individual program for each child. In doing so, we are respecting the learning style of each child, and tailoring our curriculum accordingly. As well as integrating all the core subject areas, we also provide the children with opportunities to expand on their independence and social skills. These are ongoing processes that are reinforced on a daily basis. Learning takes place in the classroom, outdoors on the playground, and frequently expands into the community.

“Little Red Schoolhouse is an amazing place for children to learn and grow. The quality of the teachers, the academic program and the warm and caring environment has provided a strong foundation for our two children. The Director and staff have created a creative and stimulating academic program for kids grounded in experiential education and the best practices of early childhood education. Our children have grown up with Little Red and have experienced the joy of learning there every day.” Heather Thiessen-Reily


Our Philosophy

artOur philosophy at Little Red Schoolhouse is based on the theory that young children are extremely creative and competent individuals, and, if inspired, are capable of tremendous growth at this stage. Young children will typically use their curiosity, interests and environment to construct meaning about the world around them. As teachers we provide enough time, space, and materials in which to foster children’s exploration.

Through thematic-based units we are able to integrate various subject areas and have discovered that this form of integration allows children to grasp concepts which would be otherwise beyond their years. During the learning process, our teachers act as resource persons, problem-posers, guides, and partners in the children’s discovery. You will see our play and progress documented each week in art work displayed in our cubby room.

We believe that children learn from their peers of all ages as well as in smaller age-based groups. For this reason our day is arranged to provide them with both of these opportunities.

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